2Breath-taking images & florals in this wedding shoot on the Cornish coast


In this week’s Wedding Wednesday post, I’m so thrilled to share with you breath-taking images from a wedding shoot on the Cornish coast. Sarah Falugo is the talented photographer and the stunning florals were supplied and created by Susanne Hatwood from The Blue Carrot.

I asked Susanne about her inspiration for the designs. She said: “It was at the height of summer and baking hot when we had the shoot. I still can’t believe how well the flowers lasted. The initial inspiration came from a mood board with some stunning images, including the beautiful dresses and jewellery, plus a picture of the actual location. I was so incredibly blown away by that cove and the colours found in the sea, the cliffs and the sand.

Sarah’s colour scheme changed quite drastically at the very last minute. And initially, I was little unsure when she thought that including some purple would be a good idea. But I must say that this was a real eye-opener for me. I discovered that there really isn’t an ugly colour…it’s all about the shade. In this case, I used some ‘Burgundy Ice’ roses, dark scabious and some copper beech foliage. Their velvety darkness was a fantastic contrast to the soft peachy ‘Champagne Moment’ roses, foxgloves and sweet peas.

I just love creating ombré arrangements. So I decided that for the tablecentre, I would wholeheartedly go for that. All the flowers used were homegrown. I had a rough idea about my design, but I did let the garden inspire me.”

Here are some more photos from the shoot, which took place at Kynance Cove.












Thank you so much to Sarah and Susanne for all their help. The other people involved in the shoot were Maria Senvo who provided the two white dresses and Alison-Jayne Couture provided the mulberry dress. Hair styling was by Roch from Hair by Rochelle. The wooden platters, cutlery, table linens and glassware were kindly loaned by Home Address.

If you’d like to see more of Sarah’s beautiful photography, please do visit the Sarah Falugo website. And to see more of Susanne’s stunning floral designs, please visit The Blue Carrot website.

(Images : Sarah Falugo Photography)


1Flower of the Month – The Cyclamen…A guest post by Katie Spicer, in collaboration with Ann Briggs

Flowerona Ann Briggs Cyclamen-12

I’m delighted today to feature photographer Katie Spicer‘s beautiful images of this month’s Flower of the Month. Thank you so much to both Katie and florist Ann Briggs for collaborating on this post.

Ann chose to use the dainty cyclamen. They’re so pretty and come in one of my favourite shades of pink!

“This little flower is rarely used as a cut flower. It’s far more likely to be seen as a pot plant standby at this time of year. It is obviously good as a ‘filler in of gaps’ but is surprisingly successful as a stand alone flower for use in small arrangements. I like to use them in posies as some of them have a lovely light scent, which is not generally known. As my Grandmother used to say, all the best things come in small sizes – well she actually said small boxes but the meaning is the same!” Ann Briggs

Flowerona Ann Briggs Cyclamen-1

They don’t bare much resemblance, but the cyclamen is actually part of the primrose family. They have swept back petals with a beautiful twist. The heart-shaped leaves are also very attractive, with some being said to have markings shaped like Christmas trees!

Flowerona Ann Briggs Cyclamen-5

Flowerona Ann Briggs Cyclamen-3

Flowerona Ann Briggs Cyclamen-4

Their name is said to come from the Greek ‘kyklaminos’ meaning circle. This could be because the seed stems spiral down to the ground or because of the round tubers they grow from.

Flowerona Ann Briggs Cyclamen-7

They’re also known as sowbread here or pain porcino in Italy. This is because the tubers were fodder for pigs. The tubers contain cyclamin, which is harmless to pigs but not so to humans, cats and fish. It would give us a nasty stomach ache if ingested and in large quantities can cause paralysis.

Flowerona Ann Briggs Cyclamen-8

A homeopathic tincture made from the roots was used externally in the old days to purge the bowels. Apparently they were also used to clear the sinuses, treat vertigo and dizziness as well as heal snake bites!

Flowerona Ann Briggs Cyclamen-9

Flowerona Ann Briggs Cyclamen-10

Flowerona Ann Briggs Cyclamen-11

The symbolism of the cyclamen is meant to stand for resignation and goodbye. So a great plant to buy as a leaving gift for someone! It was believed that a cyclamen worn by a woman in labour would ease childbirth and speed up delivery…so maybe another useful gift opportunity!

Flowerona Ann Briggs Cyclamen-13

Flowerona Ann Briggs Cyclamen-14

Other beliefs around the cyclamen include its protection against nightmares when put beside the bed, it would make the receiver of a love spell fall madly passionately in love and could be said to raise self esteem and confidence…so, all in all, not a bad plant to have around the house.

(Images: Katie Spicer Photography)

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0Beautiful floral designs by Mary Jane Vaughan


I hope you had a lovely weekend. I thought I’d start the week with some beautiful floral designs by florist Mary Jane Vaughan. The flowers were arranged in handmade glassware by Anthony Stern for a special shoot at the Rosewood Hotel in London.  With an autumn/winter feel, the arrangements would be perfect for a private home or private dining. Amaryllis looked stunning in the vase above. On the main dining table below, there were Grand Prix roses, sedum, carnations, berries, pears and gardenia leaves.






White nerines looked lovely in these vases.




And amaranthus, snowberries and green bell were beautifully arranged on the console table.




A surprise proposal was scheduled for the evening of the photo shoot.  The groom-to-be had invited his family and close friends for a celebratory meal. He hadn’t arranged any flowers for the table, so Mary Jane kindly offered to leave her arrangements, as a surprise. What a very lucky newly engaged couple!

P.S. To discover more about Mary Jane, here’s a link to my interview with her on Flowerona back in 2012.

(Images : Mary Jane Vaughan / Rebecca Portsmouth)

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0Flowerona Links: With dancing florists, roses & a cactus…


My round-up of wonderful floral links from around the world…




Flowerona Blog Posts


Lovely video featuring four dancing florists assembling arrangements in a tribute to Hollywood director and music choreographer Busby Berkeley, commissioned by the Ritz Carlton’s resident florist Bouquet Fleuriste.

BOYTANICA [Director’s Cut] from Kevin Calero on Vimeo.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s links and have a lovely Sunday!

(Images : 1. Georgianna Lane, 2. Erich McVey)

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0Flowerona Reflects…featuring Jane Means’s book launch plus other news

This week’s short and sweet Flowerona Reflects video features Jane Means’s book launch and general news of what I’ve been up to.

P.S. Don’t forget, if you receive this blog post via email and would like to view the video, simply go to www.flowerona.com.

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