August 29, 2010

The Start of the Flowerona Blog


Well the idea came to me late on the afternoon of Friday, 20th August 2010…a blog about flowers – everything to do with them!

I remember as a child growing up in the middle of nowhere in Devon, going for walks and picking wildflowers to bring home to my mum. Trying to make rosewater by picking petals from her beautiful roses in the garden, placing them in water in our little bathroom and hoping for miracles.  Needless to say, she ended up getting rid of them when they’d turned a very delicate shade of brown… 

One of my very fondest memories was going to church on Mothering Sunday. Walking into the church, you were overwhelmed by the beautiful smell of flowers and foliage.  At the end of the service, each child went up to the vicar to collect a little posy to present to their mum…I didn’t really want to give mine away though!  My dad used to grow anemones in the garden amongst the runner beans and carrots…it took me a little while to be able to pronounce their name properly! I loved the violet and red ones.

More tales of my flower memories to follow in future posts, but just for now, I wanted to tell you what Flowerona is all about.

It’s a blog about everything flower-related.  Be it fresh flowers, flowers on things, anything that has the word flower in it, things called after a flower, floristry, gardens, meanings of flowers, flower names (including the latin names), the history of flowers, books about flowers and floristry, flower designs, flower events, websites…

I’d like to help, inspire and educate people about flowers and hope you enjoy reading my blog.

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