December 17, 2010

Would you like to create your own Christmas Door Wreath?

Here’s one I prepared earlier – well last Sunday afternoon actually, sat in the kitchen listening to songs from musicals on Elaine Paige’s Radio 2 show…with the lovely scent of pine bringing back memories of Christmas.

Christmas door wreaths are very simple to put together and here’s how.

1. Start with a Plain Pine Wreath

I ordered mine from our local cub scout group, who every year deliver Christmas trees and wreaths locally.  You can buy one though from a garden centre or florist.  They come in a range of different sizes.

2. Decide on your Decorations

I chose a burgundy/silver theme and bought the decorations below from various shops.

  • Baubles : Ikea
  • Burgundy berries : John Lewis (haberdashery department)
  • Pine cones : Garden centre
  • Silver spray paint : Art shop
  • Green florist wire : Garden centre or Hobbycraft, who have a great floristry selection.  Make sure you buy a pack of reasonably thick wire, so that it easily passes through the wreath.
  • Silver ribbon, small silver flowers and burgundy roses : Hobbycraft

What you choose to decorate your wreath is really up to you!  Some years, I’ve used dried orange slices, birch twigs, bunches of cinnamon, dried lemons, eucalyptus, flower corsages, waxed and glittered fruit.

3. Attach the Decorations

Before you start attaching the decorations, think about your overall design.  I first took the biggest decorations, which were the pine cones and large baubles, and placed them evenly around the wreath, in groups of three.  Then I took the smaller items, again in groups and made sure that I went to the edge of the wreath too.

To attach the decorations to the wreath, simply take a piece of green florist wire and secure it around the decoration.

Place each decoration on top of the wreath and feed the wire through to the underside.  Then bend the wire back into the wreath to secure it. Some people use a glue gun to attach their decorations…it’s entirely up to you.

Simply repeat the process until you’re happy with the design.  Then add the ribbon.  To do this, secure one end of the ribbon with a piece of floristry wire and then weave it through the design, attaching the other end with wire as well.

4. Attach to your Front Door

Take another piece of ribbon and feed it under the frame on the underside of the wreath and attach it to your door – ideally tying it to your door-knocker as I did.

Or if you’d prefer to buy a ready-made one, either pop into your nearest florist or be very quick and order one online:

Christmas Dark Pink and Red Rose with Rosehip Door Wreath by The Real Flower Company

Christmas Wreath by Paula Pryke Flowers

Festive Wreath by John Lewis

Shimmering Berry Wreath by Jane Packer

So, whether you go down the hand-made or shop-bought route, a Christmas Door Wreath is a lovely way to brighten up your front door.

If you do decide to decorate your own, please do let me know how you get on.  And if you have any questions, please fire away!

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