December 31, 2010

Would you like to learn the skill of flower arranging in 2011?

Over the holiday period, have you thought about new skills you’d like to learn next year?  If you love flowers, you may like to sign up for a floristry course or buy a book.

Back in 2004, I was a complete novice when it came to flowers!  I decided to dip my toe into floristry by enrolling on a beginner’s course at Southwark College in London.  The course was a Certificate in Design and Craft (Floral Display).

After a day in the office, one evening a week, I would spend three hours learning about the world of floristry, from the names of the flowers to the tools we used. I learnt how to make hand-tied bouquets, buttonholes, table arrangements and also funeral wreaths.  Carrying the bouquets home on the train was fine, but I did get some very funny looks taking home the wreaths on the 9.30pm from Waterloo! 

On completing this beginner’s course, I had the floristry bug and was very fortunate to be in the position to go part-time at my job in London.  This enabled me to continue my floristry education with another course at Southwark, a National Certificate in Floristry, and involved one day a week at college and one day a week working in a local florist shop. 

I’ve also since attended Paula Pryke’s 4-Day Intensive Course (which was SO inspiring!) and a one day course at McQueens.

If you would like to learn the skill of flower arranging in 2011, you could take part in an adult education course, study part-time/full-time or attend a course run by a florist.

Adult Education/College Courses

Details of adult education, part-time and full-time floristry courses in the UK can be found on the following websites: 

The main courses start in September, but there are also some short courses which take place throughout the year.

Courses run by London Florists

These courses are run throughout the year and include:

Paula Pryke : 1-Day Hand-Tied, 4-Day Intensive and 8-Day Intensive Courses

Jane Packer : Half Day, One Day, Three Day, One Week, Four Week Career Course and Evening Classes

McQueens : One Day, Two Day Intensive Wedding Flowers, Four Week Vocational Courses

Why not start with a one-day beginner’s course and see how you get on?  I don’t think anything can beat hands-on experience, but if you’d prefer, you could always initially buy a floristry book.  Then, the next time you receive or bring flowers home, you’ll know just how to arrange them.

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