January 3, 2011

Anemone – a cheerful flower to brighten up your day

Anemones hold a very special place in my heart. 

I remember my Dad growing them in our garden when I was a child and it was only recently that I found out why!  Apparently, my Mum had commented to him that he never bought her flowers.  So, he asked her what her favourite flower was…it’s the anemone.  And that’s why we had beautiful red and purple anemones growing in our garden back then….especially for Mum.

Anemones look lovely as a group of single stems in a variety of glass containers.  Or massed as a bunch.

Below is an overview of the Anemone: –

What is the Latin name?
Anemone coronaria

What is it commonly known as?

How do you pronounce it?

What does it look like?
The flowers are cup-shaped, with delicate petals and are purple, red, pink or white with black centres.  Sometimes the centre is ringed with white.

When can you buy them?
They are available throughout the year apart from during the summer.  However, they are at their best in the spring.

Where can you buy them from?
Florists.  Make sure you buy them when they are in bud and watch them unfurl.  They usually come in bunches of ten stems.

How do you look after them?
Cut the stems on a slant with scissors and place them in a clean vase with fresh water.  Top up the vase regularly as they are thirsty flowers. Also, make sure you place them in a cool place, otherwise they’ll open up too quickly and won’t last very long.

Did you know? 
Anemones are part of the buttercup family.  They carry on growing once they are cut, so bear this in mind if you are including them in a flower arrangement.

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