January 5, 2011

Beautiful floral cards from STOP THE CLOCK Design

I always have a stash of cards at home, ranging from Birthday to Thank You cards.

Last year, I came across STOP THE CLOCK Design cards in a local gift shop and of course, being a fan of all things floral, was instantly drawn to them!  Above are a small selection of their greeting cards, my favourite being the pile of books and the stacked teacups.  I just love their quirky nature and decided to do some research as to who was behind the designs.

STOP THE CLOCK Design was created in 2008 by textiles graduates, Kathy Slatter and Erin Taylor who’d met at university in Manchester.  They started off at a kitchen table and then moved to a studio/shed in Kathy’s parents’ garden in Hyde, Cheshire.

Kathy and Erin design gorgeous hand-finished greeting cards including Birthday, Everyday, Family, New Baby, New Home and Wedding cards.  The cards cost £2.90 each.  However, if you buy five or more cards, you get one free! You can buy them online from their website.

They also design beautiful floral wedding stationery, including invitations, orders of ceremony, menu cards, and save the day cards.  Plus, they’ve created a range of prints, including some floral ones.

So, if you fancy stocking up for the New Year with some new cards, why not pay a visit to the STOP THE CLOCK Design website and let me know which designs are your favourites!

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