January 24, 2011

Florist Profile – The Real Flower Company

Beautifully scented roses, combined with aromatic herbs and interesting foliage are the signature style of The Real Flower Company.

And not only do they arrange the flowers into stunning bouquets, but they also grow them on their own sustainable farms.

Before I tell you more about the company though, here are some examples of their gorgeous arrangements:

Yves Piaget Bouquet

Valentine Luxury Ivory Bouquet

Ultimate Deep Pink and Red Hat Box

Head to Head Julia Baby

When researching this post, I came across their blog, The Real Flower Girl, and saw the striking image below which I couldn’t resist including.

I love the contrast of the different shades of pink flowers against the vibrant blue door.  Plus I thought it would be a little reminder that Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away!

Valentine’s Heart

So, here’s a little background…The Real Flower Company came about when three people with a common passion joined forces.

It all started back in 1995, when Rosebie Morton began to grow scented garden roses and herbs in the walled garden of her Hampshire farm in the UK.

Three years later, Rosebie met Tim Hobbs, who owned a farm in Kenya.  As the climate in Kenya is perfect for roses, they both realised that by Tim also growing them, they could offer a year round supply.  So they decided to work together.

At that time, they sold the flowers directly to florists, who would use them for weddings and event work.

Then in 2003, Karen Watson discovered the farms when she was looking for a source of old-fashioned scented garden roses for a flower shop she was planning to open.

Karen, Rosebie and Tim met up and soon realised that they all shared the same passion; to bring natural, scented, fresh garden roses, perfumed flowers, cut herbs and seasonal foliage back to a market that had lost touch with the beauty of real flowers. The Real Flower Company was established.

So, where can you buy these beautiful flowers? They can be bought online, at their outlet in Selfridges in London and from their shop in Midhurst, West Sussex.

They also sell directly to the floristry trade and this is how I heard about the company, when I was working for a florist in London and we’d ordered in some of their Julia Baby roses for a wedding.

It’s wonderful to see that they have been recognised by winning three awards in the last few years – 2010 ‘Best Flowers’ Sheerluxe Online Shopping Awards, 2009 ‘Best Emerging British Luxury Brand’ The Walpole Awards for Excellence and 2009 ‘Cut Flower Grower of the Year’ Horticultural Week and Grower Magazine.

If you’re planning your wedding or an event, they offer a fully bespoke floristry service.   Also, if you’d like to learn more about growing your own scented garden roses and herbs, how to make hand tied bouquets or arrange flowers for a wedding, The Real Flower Company have a Flower School.

And if you’re thinking of sending someone roses for their birthday or Valentine’s Day, wouldn’t it be a wonderful treat them to receive a bouquet from The Real Flower Company?

Many thanks to Karen for her kind permission to post these stunning images.

(Images : The Real Flower Company)

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