January 14, 2011

Stunning spring bouquets from Jane Packer Delivered

What a wonderful way to round off a great week…the launch of Jane Packer’s beautiful new spring collection – a real feast for the eyes!

Some of you may have heard of Jane.  If however you’ve not come across her name before, Jane Packer is one of the most influential florists in the UK, with shops in London, New York, Tokyo and Seoul.

Tulip Kaleidoscope

Beautiful orange and yellow double tulips, combined with sweet lilac parrot tulips, lime green skimmia and folded pandanus leaves.

Blushing Crimson

Milano cerise pink roses, crimson and purple carnations, lilac in a pale lilac tone, with a collar of folded cordeline leaves.

Dainty Blues

Two blue toned hyacinths, combined with pale pink gypsophilia.

Vanilla Lace

Scented lilies combined with lilac, white roses, white hydrangea plus fragrant eucalyptus and rosemary foliage.

Sunny Lemon

Bright yellow double tulips, fragrant mimosa and foliage.

Sweet Sundae

Candy coloured hyacinths with tulips, marshmallow-coloured roses, fragrant eucalyptus foliage and folded aspidistra leaves.

Glorious Garden

Pink roses, lilac veronica and claret dianthus, together with rosemary and variegated pittosporum.

Scented Hue

Hyacinths, freesias, cymbidium orchids and roses combined with rosemary and eucalyptus.

All the bouquets which are on sale from today are available at Jane Packer Delivered.  I’d like to say a very big thank you to Samia there for her help with this post.

Apparently, Jane’s favourite bouquet from this collection is Scented Hue (above).

I found it very hard to choose my favourite as they are all so beautiful. However, if I was pushed, I would say Blushing Crimson.  I love the intense colour of the Milano cerise pink roses, combined with one of my favourite colours, purple.

I’d love to know which bouquet is your favourite?

(Images : Jane Packer Delivered)

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  • These are all gorgeous! The only one I don’t like is Glorious Garden (yuk to those folded leaves) and sunny lemon because it makes my eyes water with that dress and the dark green grass – but that’s more about the photograph than the bouquet. Great post as always

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