July 12, 2012

Interview with Hattie Fox of That Flower Shop

That Flower Shop - Hattie Fox

Today, I’m delighted to feature an interview with florist Hattie Fox of That Flower Shop.

Could you tell us what prompted you to become a florist?

My dad has a landscaping company and I’d been working for him before I moved to London and secretly really enjoyed it.

When I moved to London, I got a job at a florist in Notting Hill justifying it to my family as a ‘back-up plan’ whilst I was studying art.

Inevitably, I ended up missing university to go to work because I loved my job so much, went onto to manage the company and spent nearly seven years there before I set up on my own.


When did you start your business and where are you based?

I’m not really sure when it all started.  I’ve been known as ‘That Flower Girl’ for what seems like forever and that’s where the name for the business materialised from.

We did however finally move the business out of my warehouse flat to a beautiful studio in Shoreditch in London about three months ago and it’s been incredible.

We’re surrounded by artists, painters, photographers and musicians…so lots of creativity to throw around.


What kind of floristry services do you offer?

We do everything! From weddings to large scale corporate events, hand-tied bunches for delivery or collection and lot of fashion editorial.

We’ve also recently opened up a small concession in Anthem, a wonderful menswear store on Calvert Avenue just behind our studio, where you can pick up jam jar posies to take away.


Could you tell us about some of your recent commissions?

We’ve just made some headpieces for a fashion story in The Wall Street Journal, which I loved.  It enabled us to get super creative.

We also planted up the V.I.P. area at this year’s Wimbledon tennis tournament which was a fairly surreal experience, but again really exciting!

That Flower Shop - Hattie Fox

How would you describe your style?

Organised chaos…I like to keep things as raw and natural as possible with lots of berries, seed pods and British foliage.

Or go for all of the same type of flowers, i.e. peonies in one big bunch with lovely foliage.

That Flower Shop

Could you tell us about your workshops?

Yes, well a really good client of mine asked if we could do a bouquet-making workshop for her best friend’s hen party.  It went really well and the more I told people about it, the more interest we got.

So, we now do bouquet-making courses and also headdress-making workshops near festival season.

Pumpkin-carving over Halloween and of course, wreath and garland courses as we get closer to Christmas.


Do you have any particular plans for the remainder of 2012?

I have a great gardening project coming up, building a living wall inside a 1920s greenhouse inside a warehouse in East London.

That Flower Shop

What is your favourite flower?

I love O’Hara roses as they have an incredible scent and when they’re fully open they have a really interesting petal formation.  

But I, as most florists, roll with what the seasons throw at me.

Many thanks to Hattie for all her help in putting together today’s blog post.

If you’d like to keep up-to-date with her news, she’s on Twitter and Facebook, plus has a blog.

(Images : That Flower Shop)

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  • Fran jury says:

    I was just recently at a wedding where ‘that flower shop’ had done the flowers- and they were stunning. They withstood the whole night amongst all the happy guests. The flowers were the talk of all the tables; definitely a good conversation starter!

  • Andy Hamflett says:

    Thanks for the interview, Rona, and the fantastic images.

    Hattie is destined for big things. I was lucky enough to find her in Notting Hill and now make the trip over to Shoreditch to access her beautiful works of art. Thanks for reminding me to take another trip!

  • Amy Church says:

    Hattie!! Lovely to see your work featured on such an amazing site.

    Was it the beauty of your Wimbledon creations that made Andy Murray cry? He’s only human…

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