October 22, 2012

Silk, faux or artificial flowers…how do you feel about them?


I hope you had a lovely weekend.  I thought I’d start off the week with a bit of discussion…

Last Wednesday evening, I went to a mydeco/dbcollective event at Unique Home in London.

When I mentioned to Matt Mehra, the Creative Director at Unique Home, that I wrote a blog all about flowers, he asked for my opinion on the silk flowers that he had on display in his shop.

To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure how to reply, which is I think due to my very strong allegiance to fresh flowers!  But I feel silk, faux or artificial flowers as they’re called can be a bit of a marmite product…in that you tend to either love or loathe them.

So, I decided to do some research and find out what’s available, specifically here in the UK, starting with an on-line company called Bloom, which are featured above and immediately below.


Next up are designs from the Grey Rose range by Jane Packer for Debenhams.



And finally, designs from the on-line retailer Peony.



As you can see, there are some very stylish and sophisticated options on the market from these three suppliers.

Silk flowers are also available from stores such as Ikea, Selfridges, John Lewis, Dunelm Mill and Marks & Spencer.

Plus interior designer, Abigail Ahern, sells them via her website, as do wholesaler C Best who are based at New Covent Garden Flower Market.

Ultimately, I think that it all boils down in the end to your personal choice…

Are you looking to add colour to your home and want a floral arrangement with longevity that doesn’t need looking after?

Or would you prefer to have the variety of fresh seasonal flowers in your home?

Personally, although I can see that there is a time and place for silk flowers, I feel that you really can’t beat fresh flowers.  I love their transient nature and if I’ve chosen a particular type, their scent too…

But that’s my opinion…

How do you feel about silk, faux or artificial flowers?  I’d love to know what you think…

(Images : Bloom, Debenhams, Peony)

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  • Karen at Flowers@theShed says:

    I’m with you Rona! Part of the beauty and appeal of flowers is their temporal beauty. One of the reasons they make us gasp and take our breath away is their impact on our senses. We love and appreciate them because in a few days they are gone. My home has been full of the vibrancy of spring blooms for several weeks now. As much as I adore them, I’m happy for them to step aside as I welcome the honeysuckle, sweet peas and larkspur with a new colour and scent palate. Bloom sells amazingly believable silk flowers – they have their uses, but for me, can never capture the fleeting moment of limelight reserved for those ephemeral fresh blooms.

  • Richard Boyd says:

    The quality has come on over the last few years and they can sometimes help to solve design problems. This year they were very useful for clients at the Olympics, due to length and the added costs of getting people on site, some clients chose artificial whilst others paid the additional bill.

    Personally, it would be cut for me every time but as my wife will attest, I don’t buy flowers!!!

  • Colette Dunkley says:

    Sorry but I just hate faux flowers. Some can be quite realistic but when you have seen the same install action for several months …. They pall! If I go into an establishment , especially an hotel and see faux flowers in the reception I just know somehow its not the place for me. ! Mind you I can feel that about some fresh flowers too. flowers set the tone .

  • First of all sorry when my English is not so good written ( I’m from Holland), I think that its good that we have silk flowers in the world.
    But dont uderstand me wrong, because I prefer fresh flowers (some times dryed) above all the silk flowers . But when I am working in North Africa I am only using silk flowers, and I am very happy dat the people can enjoy the variety we have here in europ. If I should use fresh flowers over there, the most will faint because of the heat in these country’s. And when they change them once in a while/ or every season its ok whith me.

    • Rona says:

      Many thanks Karen, Richard, Colette & Mathijs for your comments… 🙂

    • Angelica Val says:

      I agree with you!! I work with “silk” flowers as you can see on my web site.
      My big problem is to find providers with really high quality of flowers.
      Manufactures in Europe seems to be hidden rather than public.
      If you know any place to recommend me please do so. Whole sellers not boutiques.

  • janet tench says:

    I am 80 years old and cannot get out to collect flowers, so the next best things are silk flowers. I can do them when I feel up to it, just as I like. I can order new bits online too. Of course the real flowers are better, but rather silk than none, and they are much more lifelike than they used to be. Janet

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