November 8, 2012

Beautiful floral finds at the Cath Kidston Spring/Summer 2013 Press Day


Last week I went to the Cath Kidston Spring/Summer 2013 Press Day in London.

I’m a huge fan of the brand and have lots of their products dotted around our home. So it was a real treat to see what they’ve got planned for next year.

Bags in varying colours, shapes and sizes are very popular with Cath Kidston customers.

And I took a real shine to the dark blue floral prints that they’ve used on several of their new bag designs…especially the one above in the top left image.

But I also loved the beautiful combination of floral prints inside and outside of the bag in the top right image.


Next year, Cath Kidston will be launching a new ‘Baking’ range, tapping into our love for making our own cakes and pastries.  Isn’t their rolling pin just so pretty?


And here are just a few more of their lovely floral bags…


I’ve saved, what for me, was the highlight of the Press Day to last…I just fell in love with this floral dress on the left below.

I’ll be keeping a look out for it next year to try and snap it up!  Again, it’s the contrast of the pink and blue flowers against the dark blue background which really appeals to me…


So I hope you’ve enjoyed this little preview of Cath Kidston’s new floral products for Spring/Summer 2013

2013 will be a very special year for the company as they’ll be celebrating their 20th anniversary!

P.S.  The link to the Cath Kidston website is part of my affiliate programme.

(Images : Rona Wheeldon for Flowerona)

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