November 13, 2012

Introducing cake designer Maha Muhammed of Arty Cakes…


Today, I’m delighted to feature an interview with a very talented cake designer, Maha Muhammed of Arty Cakes.

Many thanks to my sister-in-law for tipping me off about Maha’s amazing creations. I’ve never seen buttercream used to create such vibrant and intricate floral decorations.  Have you?

So, I just had to investigate further…

Could you tell us what prompted you to become a cake designer?

I’ve always loved baking, not only cakes but all kinds of desserts.  But I never thought about becoming a cake designer or decorator.

However, in 2010 I discovered that I could make beautiful buttercream floral and basket cakes.

My four year old son was a big Mickey Mouse fan at the time and he asked me to make him a Mickey Mouse cake for his birthday.

The problem was that I’d never tried to make a professional cake before.  So I started to collect information and do some research on the internet about how to make one.

Thankfully, I had plenty of time to look and also to practise.  I decided to go for it and started to buy all the necessary stuff I needed and made my first character cake.

The people who came to my son’s birthday praised the cake and the taste so much. They asked me where I’d bought it from as it looked so professional.  And they didn’t believe I’d made it.  


So that’s where it all started.  And my husband and my best friend encouraged me to think about starting a cake business. 

During my search into how to make buttercream and Mickey Mouse cakes on YouTube, I came across videos for beautiful cakes made with buttercream flowers made by an American lady.

I used to watch her videos a lot and with every video I admired her talent more and more.

I started to practise trying my best to make flowers. I was really happy when I found these videos because it combined my love of three things; baking, working with colours and most importantly making something I always used to adore looking at and admire, which is the different amazing flowers.

And that was my starting point to do the floral work…


When did you start your business and where are you based?

I started to do my buttercream floral work in 2010 and professionally in November 2010 after doing my son’s Mickey Mouse cake.

I work from my own home kitchen in Manchester in the UK.


What different types of cakes do you make?

I make all kinds of cakes and cupcakes for children, celebrations and birthdays. But my speciality is buttercream flowers and basket cakes.

All my cakes are decorated with buttercream which I make from scratch.  I do not use any other kind of icing.


Could you tell us where you get your inspiration for the floral decorations on your cakes?

Anything can inspire me to make my cakes.  It could be a drawing, vase, pillow or dress…

But my main inspiration for most of my floral work comes from nature and real flowers. 


What are your plans for the remainder of 2012/2013?

I just want to focus more on my work and develop my decorating and drawing skills, as I’m in constant competition with myself.  And I always tend to make my next cake better than the last one.


Do you have a favourite flower?

I like all flowers but especially gardenia, hollyhocks, stocks, spray roses and chrysanthemums.


Many thanks to Maha for all her help in compiling today’s blog post.  If you’d like to keep up-to-date with her news, she’s on Twitter and Facebook.

(Images : Arty Cakes)

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