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pink wedding bouquet Wedding Chicks Leila Peterson

Even though we’re in the midst of the festive season, I didn’t want to leave you without any wedding flowers today.  And I have a little treat in store…

Last week, someone asked me for advice on where to look on the internet for wedding flowers inspiration, as their sister is getting married next year.

Of course after saying Flowerona (!), I offered to send her an email with links of all my favourite wedding flowers blogs.

Then it occurred to me, why didn’t I share them with you too….on a regular basis?

So, starting from today, as part of my Wedding Wednesday blog post series, I’ll be showcasing my favourite blogs for wedding flowers inspiration.

We’re going to start with a beautiful American blog called Wedding Chicks, run by Amy and Jocey.

Below, you’ll see images from just a few weddings that they’ve featured, starting with photos from the first wedding, above and just below…

spring wedding ideas Wedding Chicks Leila Peterson

wedding display Wedding Chicks Leila Peterson

Wedding 2

light pink wedding bouquet Wedding Chicks Cassi Claire

pink wedding ideas swiss Wedding Chicks Cassi Claire

swiss dot wedding cake Wedding Chicks Cassi Claire

Wedding 3

purple wedding bouquet Wedding Chicks Brooke Trexler

spring wedding ideas Wedding Chicks Brooke Trexler

Wedding 4

pink_wedding_bouquet Wedding Chicks Erin J Saldana

aisle_decor Wedding Chicks Erin J Saldana

mason_jar_florals Wedding Chicks Erin J Saldana

Wedding Chicks Wedding Bouquet Recipes 

I also thought I’d let you know about a wonderful blog post series which Wedding Chicks have called Wedding Bouquet Recipes.

Here are some stunning images from one of the posts below…a peach wedding bouquet.

Wedding Chicks peach_wedding_flowers Lane Dittoe

Wedding Chicks peach_wedding_flowers Lane Dittoe

Wedding Chicks peach_wedding_flowers Lane Dittoe

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into the Wedding Chicks blog today.

Do pop over to take a look around their site.  And if you’d like to keep up-to-date with their news, they’re on Twitter and Facebook.

(Images : All from Wedding Chicks – Wedding 1 : Leila Peterson, Wedding 2 : Cassi Claire, Wedding 3 : Brooke Trexler, Wedding 4 : Erin J Saldana, Wedding Bouquet Recipe : Lane Dittoe)

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