January 22, 2013

Beautiful new spring flowers and plants collection from Marks & Spencer


To brighten up this wintery day here in the UK, I thought I’d share Marks & Spencer‘s new spring flowers and plants collection with you today.

My favourite design from the range is the ‘Fairtrade rose and alstroemeria bouquet‘ above, which is so pretty…especially with the delicate yellow solidago.

Staying with the yellow theme are the following four designs below:

  • An ‘April bouquet‘ full of gerberas, santini, roses, matricaria and cordyline.
  • A ‘Sunny skies bouquet‘ containing roses, agapanthus and eucalyptus.
  • A ‘Spring watering can‘ planted with muscari and dwarf narcissi.
  • A ‘Spring trough‘ filled with dwarf narcissi and topped with moss.





With a predominantly pink colour palette are the following four designs:

  • A ‘Rose and lily bouquet‘ featuring roses, oriental lilies and eucalyptus.
  • A ‘February bouquet‘ of roses, chrysanthemum blooms, gerberas & eucalyptus.
  • A ‘March bouquet‘ of stock, roses, germini, carnations & eucalyptus.
  • A ‘Large willow basket‘…azalea, rose, peace lily, calandiva, chamaedorea & ivy.





Below, with splashes of blue, are:

  • A ‘Spring pail‘ featuring ranunculus, anemones, tulips and matricaria.
  • A ‘Spring arrangement‘ of roses, alstroemeria, hyacinths & ammi majus.



And here are a selection of bouquets and plants from M&S’s Autograph range:

  • Double dozen‘ consists of 12 white Avalanche & 12 pink Sweet Avalanche roses
  • A ‘Mother’s Day rose and orchid bouquet‘ full of Diamond Jubilee and Sweet Avalanche roses with cymbidium orchid heads, green bell and cordyline.
  • A ‘Rose and lisianthus bouquet‘ featuring Avalanche roses and lisianthus.
  • A ‘Pico lily bouquet‘ featuring pink pico lilies and grevillea leaves.
  • A ‘Mother’s Day orchid bowl‘ with phalaenopsis orchid & birch twigs.






So I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through today’s blog post.

If you’d like to see more of Marks & Spencer’s new range, including their Valentine’s Day bouquets, simply pop over to their website.

(Images : Marks & Spencer)

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