By Appointment Only Design – Wedding at The Savoy – Part 3 : Chuppah


In my third blog post today, I’m featuring the chuppah design.


Bright and early on the Sunday morning, I made my way to By Appointment Only Design‘s (BAOD) studio in Camden.

The Pollen Crew team, who were helping to install the wedding, were there.  They were busy loading up their vans with the double domes of roses, vases of hand-tied bouquets, candles, candlesticks, tea light holders and vases.

Javier went to The Savoy to start setting up the banqueting room with some of the BAOD staff.

Tony, together with other members of the BAOD staff and myself, went to the synagogue in North London where the wedding ceremony was taking place.

The bride had requested a spring look for the wedding so Tony had suggested that the chuppah was decorated with blossom.

Individual florets of pink silk cherry blossom had been individually hot-glued on to branches of magnolia the day before.

Our task that morning was to wire blooms of white and pale pink dendrobium orchids on to the branches.

Whilst we set to work, Pollen Crew made and erected the chuppah. And then Tony attached the finished branches to the design using cable ties.

Below you can see images of work in progress…




And here’s the finished design below.  Isn’t it just stunning?!

I’m very sure that there would have been quite a few gasps of ‘wow’ when the wedding party and their guests arrived at the synagogue…


Whilst we were there, we also placed storm lanterns with white candles and tea lights in holders on the window ledges.

The next blog post coming up will feature the bridal party flowers.

(Images : Rona Wheeldon for Flowerona)

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6 Responses to By Appointment Only Design – Wedding at The Savoy – Part 3 : Chuppah

  1. Joanne Truby says:

    Absolutely stunning! I am a big fan of cherry blossom, just beautiful.

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  4. Jan Chew says:

    That has to be the most fantastic wedding I’ve ever seen – the flowers were absolutely beautiful and what an honor for you to be involved like that – a fabulous read – it made my day !!!!

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