February 15, 2013

Supermarket Surprise Half Day Workshop at the Jane Packer Flower School


Recently I attended a ‘Supermarket Surprise’ half day workshop at the Jane Packer Flower School in London.

The workshop description was ‘Let us show you how to make the most out of your lack-lustre supermarket bunch‘….and they certainly did!

Our teacher for this three hour course was a lovely gentleman called Akira.

And his aim for the afternoon was to show us how to make beautiful, ‘different’ arrangements with chrysanthemums…which are often found on sale in supermarkets.

For a hand-tied design, he used the green chrysanthemums above called ‘Feeling Green Dark’ and white ‘Arctic Queen’, together with ‘Furore’.

He made mini hand-tied bunches surrounded with folded aspidistra leaves…


…and then using the mini bunches, he made a large hand-tied design which you can see below.

So simple, yet so effective!


We made a design using the flowers heads of each of the three different types of chrysanthemums.

Using 9cm floral foam spheres which had been soaked in water, we inserted the individual flowers into the foam.


We then placed them on a tray and added natural gravel.  It was a very contemporary design, which emphasised the textures of the different flowers.


Akira also showed us how to arrange these stunning baby pink chrysanthemums. He grouped a few flowers together and then secured them with wire covered in pink wool.


Then he placed them in a vase at two different heights.


Akira said that the most important thing when arranging flowers like chrysanthemums, is to ‘keep it simple’.

I hope today’s blog post has inspired you to think differently about how you can arrange this sometimes maligned flower…

(Images : Rona Wheeldon for Flowerona)

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  • Wow Rona, this is brilliant. I love Jane Packer ever since her little store in Selfridges. This is the sort of course I need to go to. Thanks so much for sharing. Lovely meeting you Sunday xx

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