April 25, 2013

Sunshine yellow flower dress & parasol created by Mood Flowers

Today, I’m delighted to feature a wonderful flower dress and parasol, which were made by Nick Priestly and his team at Mood Flowers.

They were both created to celebrate the opening of the new Park Inn by Radisson hotel in Glasgow.

Cat-Cubie-Park-Inn-by-Radisson-Mood Flowers Flower Dress

Nick very kindly gave me details of how the dress and parasol were created.  He said:

We were approached by a PR company to create a floral dress to fit in with the theme of the ‘park’ part of Park Inn.

The first step was finding the right dress. It was important to use something fairly tight-fitting and short, as long flowing dresses do not hold their shape once the weight of flowers is attached.

It was an early shoot, so we arrived at the studio around 5:30am to attach 500 ‘Delmonte’ germini from the grower Holstein Flowers with a hot glue gun.

At the same time, another member of my team, Laura, attached ranunculus, tulips, germini, green bell and daffodils to the parasol, which due to the Glasgow weather was used as an umbrella!

We assisted at the shoot helping to shelter the presenter Cat Cubie from the rain and were also on hand to re-attach a couple of stray germini onto the dress with a hot glue gun.

Below, you can see images of the process, with before and after photos…

Mood Flowers Flower Dress

Mood Flowers Flower Dress

Mood Flowers Flower Dress

Mood Flowers Flower Dress

Mood Flowers Flower Dress


Cat-Cubie-Park-Inn-by-Radisson-Mood Flowers Flower Dress

Thank you so much to Nick for sharing this lovely story with Flowerona and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it too…

(Images :  Alistair Devine)

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