May 16, 2013

Florist at The Dorchester, Phil Hammond’s workshop at the Spirit of Summer Fair

Yesterday, I visited the Spirit of Summer Fair at Olympia in London.  And I was delighted to take part in Florist at The Dorchester, Phil Hammond’s workshop.

Here’s the bouquet that I made below, which is now brightening up my office…and the scent is gorgeous!


Phil showed us how to make this, his new signature bouquet for the summer season.

It featured ‘Miss Piggy’ roses, pale lilac freesias, alchemilla mollis, mint and salal.


He talked us through conditioning the flowers and foliage.


Then he demonstrated how to make the hand-tied bouquet, with its spiralled stems, before it was our turn…


He showed us how to gift wrap the design and make a water bag.



And here’s a close-up of my bouquet…


‘Miss Piggy’, with their coral pink outer petals and pale orange/yellow inner petals are such eye-catching roses and I love them.

Try as I might though…I still have trouble not conjuring up a picture of Miss Piggy, The Muppets character, giving Kermit a karate chop, whenever the name of this rose is mentioned…! Am I the only one??

If you go to the Spirit of Summer Fair which is on until Saturday, I highly recommend taking part in one of the floristry workshops.

Phil will be at the fair today at 11.30am. And Philippa Craddock will there on Friday and Saturday at 11.30am.  Each session lasts 45 minutes and attendance is complimentary.

Make sure though that you get to the workshop queue early, so that you can get a seat, as they’re very popular!

(Images : Rona Wheeldon for Flowerona)

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