June 11, 2013

Guildford Cathedral Flower Gala 2013 – Floral Designs by Paula Pryke : Part 1

Today on Flowerona, there will be two blog posts featuring images of Paula Pryke‘s stunning floral designs at the Guildford Cathedral Flower Gala last week.

Renowned for her use of colour, Paula and her team created flower arrangements in the colours of the rainbow on a grass walkway in the nave.

This first post features designs in a cool colour palette of purples, blues and greens.

Vanda orchids and allium schubertii feature in the image below…


They were arranged on a purple table, together with vases of more alliums…



loved these delphiniums in such a delicate shade of pale blue, complemented by the hydrangeas.


And here’s a ‘tree’ of pale green cymbidium orchids…



Here’s a close-up of the green and white design above…

So many different types of flowers and foliage were used including guelder rose, gomphocarpus, trailing amaranthus, roses, dianthus ‘Green Trick’, chrysanthemums, alchemilla mollis, bupleurum and hebe.


Being a big fan of purple and blue, my favourite design was this one below.

In particular, I loved all the little details…from the individual stems of purple anemones and muscari in hanging blue glass bottles, to the lupins and agapanthus at the base of the design.



Aren’t all the arrangements just so beautiful?

Later in Part 2, I’ll be featuring Paula’s designs in the nave with a warm colour palette.

(Images : Rona Wheeldon for Flowerona)

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  • Belinda says:

    The purple alium design was my absolute favourite – the star of the show! Loved the texture, the scale, the colour and best of all no floral foam to be seen! I noticed quite a few of Paula’s designs did not use foam. Another lovely one was called ‘Daffodils’ and featured delicate yellow ranunculus hanging from twisted willow in test tubes. Another favourite were the rainbow coloured shields on the wall high up – again, test tubes all arranged in colour order – stunning!

  • Bobbe Hildebrand says:

    I am familiar with Ms. Pryke’s work, love her styles and have several of her books but have never heard her name pronounced. Would you tell me please the pronunciation of her surname? Thank you.

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