June 25, 2013

Introduction to Floristry Course at the Philippa Craddock Flower School : Part 2

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 yesterday featuring my morning at the Philippa Craddock Flower School.

After a delicious lunch which Philippa had provided, we made a rose bowl arrangement in the afternoon.


Prior to demonstrating how to make the design, Philippa gave us some hints and tips about using floral foam.


We soaked our foam, put it in a plastic container and secured it with pot tape. Then we placed it in the rose bowl.

As advised by Philippa, we left some of it protruding above the level of the bowl so that when we inserted the flowers and foliage, some of them could be angled downwards.


Then we greened up the design using parvifolia eucalyptus and pistache.

Philippa explained how important it is to place your first pieces of foliage in the correct positions, as they will provide a guide for the rest of the foliage.



We added lilac…


Followed by stunning All Four Love roses…


And then we added vibrant lime green guelder rose and hypericum.


I so enjoyed the course and was extremely impressed by the quality and quantity of flowers and foliage.

Philippa is a wonderful teacher, who is very passionate about the flower industry.

I highly recommend visiting her school, especially if you’re looking to learn floristry in a peaceful and calm environment, away from city life…

If you’d like to keep up-to-date with Philippa’s news, she’s on Twitter and Facebook. Plus, she also has a beautiful blog.

P.S. You may also like to read this interview with Philippa which I featured on Flowerona last year.

(Images : Rona Wheeldon for Flowerona)

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