June 28, 2013

Winchester Cathedral – Symphony of Flowers 2013

Earlier this month, I visited a flower festival called ‘Symphony of Flowers’ at Winchester Cathedral in Hampshire.

The Creative Director for the event was Angela Turner.  And it was lovely to get a chance to meet her.

Whilst I was there, evensong was taking place.  It was quite magical to walk around seeing all the floral designs whilst the choir and congregation were singing…

I adored the hanging display in the nave, which welcomed visitors as they arrived.

Buckets upon buckets of marguerite daisies were strung up to ivy-covered archways with yellow ribbons…the overall effect was breath-taking!


Here’s a close-up…


And the meadow, which included craspedia and fountain grass was so enchanting, with subtle movement from a breeze provided by a nearby fan or two!




In the Guardian Angel’s Chapel, an amazing altar cloth had been created almost entirely from flower and plant material.

The colours were inspired by the vault which was painted with angels.



The room pictured below was one that some people returned to, again and again. Down some steps and tucked away, it was such a serene space.

In the centre is Antony Gormley‘s sculpture ‘Sound II’, accompanied by abstract figures which were draped with skeletonised leaves and seed-heads.


I don’t know what it is…but I’m always really drawn to looking upwards and to admire the architecture whenever I visit cathedrals and churches.

So I had to capture the beauty of Winchester Cathedral’s stunning ceiling…


I’ll leave you with this arrangement below, which stopped me in my tracks…


I just loved the combination of colours and textures.  It looked just as if someone had taken a slice of an English country garden and transported it into the cathedral.

So, if your local cathedral or church is having a flower festival, why not pay it a visit?

(Images : Rona Wheeldon for Flowerona)

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