Flowerona Links: With birds, astilbe & a chest of drawers…

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend.  Here are this week’s flowery links…


New Links




Twitter Links


Summer-Party Wild at Heart



Video Link

An insight into painting flowers using watercolours by Fiona Peart.

So, I hope you have a lovely Sunday…whatever your plans.

(Images : Red Hong YiJay Rowden, Wild at Heart, Ryan Phillips Photography)

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2 Responses to Flowerona Links: With birds, astilbe & a chest of drawers…

  1. Thanks for linking to our Love is The New Black shoot, that David at Frog Flowers, manchester is an absolute creative genius. I told him I wanted an epic flower crown and he certainly delivered.

    Oh and I’m loving that floral arch above by Wildabout….another floral artist I can highly recommend, they are beyond brilliant. xx

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