July 5, 2013

Four Week Vocational Course at the McQueens Floristry School : Part 2

I hope you enjoyed reading Part 1 yesterday of my day at the McQueens Floristry School in London, where the students made a candelabra design.

In the afternoon, Frances showed the students how to make a different style of arrangement…a low topiary design to complement the candelabra.

He took a black vase, onto which he placed a soaked floral foam sphere. Having made sure that the vase was dry, he then secured the sphere using pot tape.


He then inserted ‘Odilia’ spray roses and waxflower.




And here’s the finished design…


Frances explained that when creating a tablescape that you need to think about rhythm.  If there are high and low arrangements, your eyes will go up and down, which creates interest.

And by making these spherical designs, there was rhythm again…this time the sphere of spray roses and waxflower mirroring the sphere of blooms adorning the candelabra.


Whilst the students created their topiary arrangements, Frances positioned the candelabras down the centre of the table.

He then added green hellebores in black vases.



He also added individual stems of larkspur in black vases and scattered ‘Memory Lane’ rose petals to create the final tablescape.

Here it is below, with lit candles, together with a close-up of the topiary design.

In real-life, it looked even more breath-taking! I loved the combination of different textures and the interest created by the various heights of each of the elements.




I had such a wonderful day.  And I was very, very impressed by the teaching from both Duncan and Frances.

They were so knowledgeable and brimming full of helpful hints and tips for the students.

If you’re looking to learn all about floristry, I would highly recommend the McQueens Floristry School.

And if you’d like to keep up-to-date with news from McQueens, they’re on Twitter and Facebook.

(Images : Rona Wheeldon for Flowerona)

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