August 27, 2013

Book Review of Flowers & Imagination by Gillian & Alan Wheeler

I was delighted to recently receive a review copy of ‘Flowers & Imagination‘, a new book by Gillian and Alan Wheeler.


You may recognise Gillian’s name as she is the Principal and Founder of the Covent Garden Academy of Flowers in London.  And I’ve attended and featured their floristry classes on Flowerona in the past.

Well, together with her artistic husband Alan, who used to be a member of the Display team at Liberty, Gillian has written a book full of beautiful floral designs.

Below are just a few images from the publication for you to enjoy, including these stunning flower crowns and costumes created for students at The Royal Ballet School









In the book’s Introduction, it says:

‘The book is intended to help, inspire, surprise and suggest a new direction or combination of colours, and to juxtapose two or three different items that take the eye by surprise. 

The unexpected always gives a buzz to the onlooker, as does the gentle romance of more traditional themes.’

You’ll find hand-tied designs, bridal bouquets, mantelpiece designs and table arrangements.

And for me, the common thread running through the whole book which really stood out, is the importance of combining different textures and colours to add interest to floral designs.

Whether it be using skeletonised leaves, pressed ferns, luxurious material, craft paper or dried allium heads…

Or using the clashing colours of blue and orange in black containers or monochromatic tones.

‘Flowers and Imagination’ is an elegant book, full of beautiful images and inspiration.

(Images : Gillian Wheeler)

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