Flowerona Links: With a flower gown, explosions & a truck…

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend.  Here are this week’s Flowerona Links for you to enjoy…and be inspired by!

Floret Flower Farm Petals ink

New Links




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Video Link

An insight into the making of a fabulous fresh flower gown, created by Julia Rose in Australia.

So, I hope you have a wonderful Sunday…

(Images : 1. Petals, ink, 2.  J Leigh Captures, 3. Colossal/Martin Klimas, 4. Toby Hoogs Photography)

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4 Responses to Flowerona Links: With a flower gown, explosions & a truck…

  1. Thank you for featuring our work. It makes us feel so great that you love the flower crown!! Now, to peruse your blog. It looks sooo interesting!

  2. Georgianna says:

    Marvelous links, Rona! Love each one of them. And I’ve had the pleasure of standing on that truck filled with dahlias at Erin’s farm. Pure magic!

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