November 12, 2013

Christmas table arrangement by Philippa Craddock at the Spirit of Christmas Fair


On Saturday, I went to the Spirit of Christmas Fair at Olympia in London.  And, of course, the highlight for me was taking part in Philippa Craddock‘s floristry workshop! Apparently the floristry workshops are the most popular workshops at the fair, which is so lovely to hear.  I think that what makes them special is that rather than simply watch a demonstration, each attendee actually makes and takes home a design. Today, I thought you may like to see how I created the Christmas table arrangement which Philippa showed us how to make.


  1. Philippa and her team had already prepared the container for our design.  It consisted of a small plastic dish into which pre-soaked floral foam had been secured.  Silver birch bark, which had been soaked to make it flexible, was wrapped around the foam and fastened.
  2. We inserted pieces of blue spruce into the foam. Philippa said that you could use a combination of foliage from your garden.
  3. Eucalyptus was the next foliage to be added.
  4. Buxus and myrtle (which had berries), with their different colours and textures, were then inserted.

Once Philippa had showed us how to wire them (apart from the twigs), we added the following accessories:

  • Pine cones
  • Orange slices
  • Red chillies
  • Cinnamon bundles
  • Silver twigs


And here’s my finished arrangement below…


Making the design was so much fun and I loved overhearing the comments from some of the forty ladies taking part.  They included ‘I’m so thrilled with my arrangement…so thrilled!’ and ‘I didn’t realise how easy it would be to make.  With the step-by-step approach, it was so simple’.  We left the fair carrying our designs, all of which had such a wonderful Christmas scent. I hope today’s blog post has inspired you to think about making your own Christmas table arrangement?  If you have a garden, why not pop outside now and see which types of foliage you could use? And for accessories, you could try Hobbycraft or a similar store…

Alternatively, if you would like to attend one of Philippa’s courses at her flower school, where you can make a Christmas table/mantelpiece garland or wreath, here’s a link to her website, where you can find all the details. Perhaps an early Christmas present for yourself and a friend…?

P.S. Unfortunately I only had my iPhone with me on Saturday.  I couldn’t bring my camera along as I was going to another event later that day, where they weren’t allowed…so, please excuse the quality of the images.

(Images : Rona Wheeldon for Flowerona)

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