February 6, 2014

5 Valentine’s Day flower tips for men from florist Robbie Honey


Helping men buy beautiful flowers for their Valentine is something I’m passionate about. So, this year I asked florist Robbie Honey to share his words of advice.

Flowers on Valentine’s Day are an elegant and romantic gesture.  However, ordering a bouquet at this time of year can be an absolute minefield.  As a man and a florist, here are my tips on how to buy thoughtful Valentine’s flowers and how to do it well.

1. Order flowers from a florist whose work you like and trust

Needless to say flowers are expensive at this time of year. These costs originate back to the grower and are due to the demand.  So, order flowers from a florist whose work you like and trust or one who’s been recommended to you by a friend or relative.

2. Know which flowers your Valentine likes

This is always a big win. Does she adore ranunculus? Or are tulips her favourite bloom? See if you can subtly find out.

3. Ordering in advance is key

Ordering before the big day avoids that awkward last minute supermarket scramble on the way home from work. Supermarket flowers say anything but ‘I love you’…especially as you frantically peel the price tag off the cellophane seconds before you hand them over!

4. Ordering online from a reputable florist is a good option

If you order online, you can see an image of the bouquet you’re ordering, which makes for a stress-free process and it’s helpful if you don’t have an opportune moment to visit the shops yourself.

5. Red roses are not your only option

This is often a revelation!  There are so many exquisite flowers available in February that personally, I think it’s a shame to send the stereotypical bouquet of red roses (with heaven forbid sprigs of baby’s breath in it!)  It must be noted again that sending flowers on Valentine’s Day can be expensive.  Flower prices are often almost double at this time of year.  Sending flowers other than roses can be beneficial, though generally all flowers are more expensive.  So, why not buy a gorgeous bouquet of spring flowers in all shades of pale pinks or a classic bunch of white parrot tulips?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thank you so much to Robbie for all his useful tips.  Ladies…I recommend printing out this blog post and leaving it in a strategic position in the hope that your loved one may find it.  Or you could simply email it to them.  You never know what the outcome might be!

(Image : Robbie Honey)

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