March 19, 2014

Natural petal confetti by Shropshire Petals…eco-friendly, biodegradable & beautiful!

Shropshire Petals Flowerona

It’s Wedding Wednesday and this week, instead of featuring wedding flower designs, I thought, for a change, that I’d share with you an alternative way that flowers can be incorporated into your wedding…as confetti! Shropshire Petals, a company I’ve come across recently, make natural petal confetti in different colours and types. It’s the ideal solution if your venue requires biodegradable confetti or you’re simply looking for an eco-friendly solution.  The company grows delphiniums, roses, hydrangeas, cornflowers and lavender. And you can pick and mix to match your wedding colour scheme.


Here are some more of the different types available..


And these cones, filled to the brim, are a popular to give to guests.

I love reading about how companies first start and how they grow.  If you’d like to know more about Shropshire Petals, the company was initially set up by Michael and Rosemary Bubb on their arable farm.


Michael’s mum, Daisy, was the brainchild.  She was a keen gardener and member of the Women’s Institute (WI).  She used to dry flowers using her Aga and sell them at WI markets.  Dried flowers were very popular at the time and Daisy couldn’t dry flowers fast enough to keep up with the demand. Gradually, she was given more and more land to be able to grow enough flowers to sell through retailers and wholesalers.  When the demand for dried flowers started to decline, Michael and Rosemary had an enquiry about colouring dried flowers for confetti.  This is when they realised that the delphiniums that they grew would make perfect confetti.  In 2005, Shropshire Petals was born. And below you can see where the flowers are grown…



So, if you’re looking for natural petal confetti for your wedding, especially for that special shot of friends and family showering you in confetti, do pop over to the Shropshire Petals website and take a look.

(Images : 1. Yarwood White, All others : Shropshire Petals)

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