February 5, 2015

Keeper of the Trees – Floral Couture with British Foliage by Jo Wise


Thank you for all your lovely comments about yesterday’s blog post. Today, we’re continuing the greenery theme! And I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to feature these images on Flowerona. Florist Jo Wise from Floral Circus created this breath-taking dress and head piece using British foliage. And these photos are to be used in an online campaign to raise awareness about our Ancient Woodland and Trees of Special Interest.

I asked Jo about her inspiration for the designs. She said: “I was inspired to create the dress by the woodland I see all around me. I live quite rurally and the woods have become a big part of my family’s life. I saw a post from The Woodland Trust asking for volunteers to help with The Ancient Tree Inventory and that inspired me to create the ‘Keeper of the Trees’ shoot.

I wanted to depict the character of the ‘Keeper of the Trees’ as both strong and protective. A lot of the bridal work I create is quite whimsical and delicate…I wanted this to be much more powerful. The idea was that the dress grew out of the woodland floor, as though this character could appear wherever needed to help ancient trees under threat.

With regards to the materials used:

The Dress
Lichen, eucalyptus, tree ivy, viburnum, mimosa, laurel, pampas grass and silver birch.
I created panels of florists’ chicken wire and sewed them together. The front and back were separate pieces so the model could walk up the very steep the hill without the train on! She was amazing actually, climbing the trees and braving the cold.

The Head Piece
Birch twigs, privet, alder, partridge feathers, pussy willow and pampas grass.
I based the design on an Indian chief head dress, as I wanted to give the character a sense of power and authority.






Aren’t the designs amazing?! If you’d like to read more about Jo, simply visit the Floral Circus website. Plus here’s a link to an interview, which I did with her last year on Flowerona.

(Images : Shannon Robinson, Make-up : Jade Soar)

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