February 20, 2015

Ten ways to make your floristry business irresistible

The Brand Stylist

Your brand has the power to win you business simply because of how jaw-droppingly fabulous it is.

  • Wishing you could win more exciting projects this year?
  • Hoping to revamp your website to reflect the success you’ve had so far?
  • Starting out and in need of a little guidance?

Ahead of our Branding for Florists workshop on March 25th, I’ve asked branding expert and my workshop co-host Fiona Humberstone to put together her top tips on making your floristry business irresistible…

1. Identify what makes you unique and sing it from the rooftops. As they say: you’ll never influence the world by trying to be like it.

2. Understand what your clients love about what you do and how you do it. Make sure this comes across in all of your communications. So if your clients love your creativity and your down-to-earth approach, there are fonts and colours you can use to communicate this, not to mention the language you choose to use on your website.

3. Be distinctive. Celebrate your unique floral style. Be bold and only show the work you’re stupendously, overwhelmingly proud of on your website. Don’t water it down or show ‘a little of everything’ in the hope you’ll appeal to everyone: it just doesn’t work like that.

4. Think beyond your logo. Create or commission a brand identity that pulls together well-considered fonts, colours, illustrations and pattern to create a cohesive and compelling look for your business.

5. Use colour intentionally to win you more work. Colour psychology is a powerful tool: find out more here  and here about how you can use the power of colour in your brand.

6. Plan a website that wins you business. Whether you plan on creating your website yourself or working with a top agency, a little planning goes a long way. More on Fiona’s blog here.

7. Create thoughtful touches that help you stand out from the crowd. When you send out an estimate for work, fill it with testimonials and photography that have your clients aching to work with you. Think about branded tissue or beautifully printed business cards that create a lasting impression.

8. Embrace the power of social media. Bring your brand to life, create real connections and build your tribe.

9. Use beautiful photography to showcase your work and create that all-important drool factor. And whilst a set of professional photos is a must, it’s also worth improving your own photography skills to create off-the-cuff shots for your social media channels, as well as your own creative enjoyment.

10. Just be you. You’re fabulous. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You don’t need to do anything outlandish (unless that’s your style). You just need to show the world how talented you are already.

If you’d like to explore this, and a whole lot more in detail, then do join us for the Branding for Florists workshop on March 25th, where we’ll cover everything you need to know to create a distinctive brand identity for your floristry business!

(Image : Fiona Humberstone | The Brand Stylist)

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