January 15, 2016

Florist Friday : Wedding Design – Advanced Master Class with Zita Elze


In this week’s Florist Friday blog post, I’m delighted to feature the work of Noriko Kondo, who recently attended a Wedding Design – Advanced Master Class with Zita Elze in Kew, Surrey.

Zita says : “Noriko was a lovely student from Japan living and working in Hong Kong. She accessed my class in several separate stages. This time, she was staying for a month doing work experience and the class. Her work was truly outstanding and I can see her working with us in the future, following in the footsteps of other students.”

And here are Noriko’s comments : “I got inspiration from the image of a bee sitting on a yellow flower in one of the books Zita uses to teach us. My interpretation was ‘ready to move to a new world’ – representing my emotion, from where I was standing at the time. The yellow flower and brown-coloured bee gave me the feeling of a fresh start, spring, strength, hope, a bright future but also of fear, worry and fragility. I created my wedding design based on these emotions.

This is my third time studying with Zita. Every time she pulls out some of my hidden, unknown ‘inside’ emotions to enable me to create beautiful pieces. She’s a true magician. This is the distinctive thing about her course, always! Creativity, surprise and art. The working process is intense and tough but I was proud of myself and happy at the end of the courses every time. These feelings motivate me to go to the next level.”

Here are images of Noriko’s designs, which featured ranunculus, roses, craspedia, scabious seed heads, eucalyptus and bupleurum.














I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing Noriko’s beautiful work. If you’d like to know more about the Wedding Design – Advanced Master Class with Zita, here are some details:

The focus of this course lies in transforming creative thought into design for a specific wedding theme. Using Zita Elze’s original approach, students create a mood board to express their theme, then develop and execute the designs. While topics covered included all aspects of wedding design, students may opt for a more individual approach to their learning, depending on their level of previous experience and the complexity of their designs. To enhance portfolios, photos of work can be arranged on request. Some students have chosen to add on-location based photographic shoots.

Thank you very much to Zita and Noriko for their help in compiling today’s blog post. And many thanks too to Lucy for her wonderful photos. To find out more about Zita’s courses, simply visit the Zita Elze website.

(Images : Lucy Davenport)

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