January 27, 2017

Wedding Design – Advanced Master Class with Zita Elze – Kim Gyongmi


I delighted to feature an interview with Kim Gyongmi, who last July was a student at the Zita Elze Design Academy in Kew, London.

1. Which class did you take at ZEDA?

I took the Wedding Design – Advanced Master Class with Zita Elze.

2. How long did it last?

It was a one-week course.

3. Was this your first time learning with Zita or did you attend a class before?

It was my first class with Zita.

4. What was/were the highlight/s about the class?

The best thing about this class was that Zita taught me how to create a beautiful floral design by myself, from concept right through to the actual production of the finished piece – this beach themed wedding. Zita also taught me how to tap into my inner inspiration and to find areas of creativity that I hadn’t even realised that I already carried inside me. This kept me thinking and provided me with an inner dialogue, which continued throughout the learning process. The result was really interesting and I enjoyed every moment.

5. Did you have a special reason to choose this class?

I started studying floristry in Korea, but I wanted to learn more. I had a particular interest in weddings, because these are once-in-a-lifetime events on a very special day, at a special point in time for a couple. I find it particularly meaningful to design floral arrangements for weddings.








6. Did you have a special reason to choose Zita as your teacher?

Well, I just love Zita’s works, including her stunning Floral Embroidery. Her classes are well-known because of her special approach and unique way of teaching. And that’s what I wanted to experience. I knew in my heart that Zita’s class would be good for my career as a florist.

7. What do you think the class gave you for the future?

Now I know how to follow my own inspiration, to work independently with confidence. And the class will help me to express my thoughts in a unique, creative way, in a way that is easier and more natural than before.

8. What are your future plans with floristry/working with flowers?

I’m planning to open my own flower shop.

9. Do you have your own blog or website?

I’m still working my blog/website but I am on Instagram

10. About the project – what was it called?

It was the Advanced Wedding Class Final Project and I chose a tropical beach theme.

11. What was your inspiration for the project?

A photograph of a lady sparked the first inspiration. Her hair was decorated with peppers and she had an unusual expression on her face, which drew me into this story. Looking at her led me to imagine what she might want for her own wedding as a bride. Zita and I kept discussing how I could design this, focusing on details and putting my own thoughts and feelings into the process.






12. What were your chosen colours for the project?

When thinking of the word ‘wedding’, a lot of people would come up with pale pink or white. Well, I wanted to break the stereotype, choosing red as the main colour and adding green, orange, and yellow. They are also the colours of peppers, which were my biggest inspiration for the project.

13. Did you want to share a special mood or emotion for the project?

Yes, we shared many kinds of emotions and discussed these a lot during the class. We spent time figuring out how I could express my thoughts and feelings using flowers. There was a great deal of open-minded communication with Zita, and also with the other students, which was collaborative with us all helping and advising each other. This approach in class brought about my own personal creations and my own designs, instead of copies of Zita’s pieces and techniques. This also made me realise the importance of sharing emotions with co-workers and especially with clients.

14. Which flowers did you choose for the project?

Roses, peppers, orchids, kalanchoe, mixed chillies, craspedia, crocosmia, Sarracenia plant, grass, alchemilla mollis, dahlias and kniphofia.

15. Anything else that you would like to add…

I surprised myself in what I managed to create and was moved by Zita’s detailed and dedicated teaching during the class, her ability to draw out my full potential. I’m going to miss her! 


If you’d like to find out more about Zita’s classes, simply pop over to the Zita Elze website.

(Images : Julian Winslow)

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