February 17, 2017

White 2016 – A Floral Installation by Rebecca Louise Law


Last year, London-based floral artist Rebecca Louise Law created yet another breath-taking installation using thousands of flowers. And this time, it was a collaboration with diamond brand, Forevermark, during Milan Fashion Week.

The design which featured over 17,000 white flowers, Acroclinium and Rodanthe, took 800 hours of labour to intricately intertwine the blooms using Rebecca’s signature copper wire. The installation was suspended above a beautiful Italian courtyard, Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi, in the heart of Milan’s fashion district.






Here’s a short interview with Rebecca:

How did Forevermark diamonds inspire your design for ‘White 2016’? 

The purity of diamonds and the ethical ethos of Forevermark made me immediately think of ‘White’. I wanted to create an installation that demonstrated the beauty and wonder of a diamond and the sensitivity of the Forevermark brand. Like diamonds, the artwork plays with the light and envelops the viewer.

What message do you want to convey through this installation? 

Consideration into where a natural material comes from and the process behind the completed artwork. We all appreciate the beauty that this earth gives us, but it’s important to celebrate this beauty ethically.

What emotions or reactions would you like your work to provoke to those attending the event? 

I wanted the viewer to feel like they were standing within a field of diamonds, enveloped by nature within a fantastical sky of white and light.

Why have you chosen to use these particular flowers, white Acroclinium and Rodanthe, for ‘White 2016’? 

These flowers are the most durable white flowers cultivated today. All of my installations are created to either stay in situ indefinitely or re-worked into further artworks. The flowers I use are never wasted. I see each bloom as a sculptural material to be treasured.

What makes this commission unique? 

Every artwork is unique. I have never used the same combination of flora and even if I did the hands that make the work and each individual flower would always create a new artwork.

To hear more from Rebecca, plus a timelapse of the installation being created, you may like to watch this video:

And if you’d like to see more of stunning Rebecca’s work, please visit the Rebecca Louise Law website.

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