August 2, 2017

Houseplant of the Month – Aloe

This year is zooming past and I can’t quite believe it’s August already! The beginning of a new month means it’s time for my regular blog post series, Houseplant of the Month. And it’s the turn of the Aloe.

There are many different kinds of this popular houseplant, but the most commonly recognised is Aloe vera. The name derives from the Arabic word ‘Alloeh’ which means ‘shiny bitter fluid’ referring to the cooling, gel-like liquid in its leaves. And ‘vera’ means ‘the real thing’. Other well-known varieties include Aloe variegata also known as partridge breast aloe, Aloe aristata and Aloe haworthioides.

Aloes are succulents. They have rosettes of thick fleshy leaves with serrated edges, plus small tubular flowers. Their leaves retain moisture and the word ‘succulent’ comes from the Latin word ‘sucus’, meaning juice or sap.

Aloe plants are so easy to grow! They’re an ideal choice of houseplant for busy plant-lovers, as they thrive without much care. All you need to do is place them in bright light, away from direct sunlight. Allow the compost to become almost dry before watering and make sure to not overwater.

Did you know that in plant symbolism, the Aloe represents healing, protection and affection?

P.S. Visit The Joy of Plants website and The Flower Council of Holland website for more information about these popular plants.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with The Flower Council of Holland. All the words are my own.

(Images : The Flower Council of Holland)

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