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April 5, 2017

Houseplant of the Month – Banana Tree

With the houseplant trend continuing to grow at an incredible rate of speed, I'm delighted today to re-introduce my monthly Houseplant of the Month blog posts. And to start off the series is the wonderfully exotic banana tree! Apparently, the Victorians gave pride of place to this tropical pla…

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December 8, 2016

Houseplant of the Month – Azalea

If you're looking for a houseplant with beautiful blooms in abundance to brighten up your home over the festive period, then this month's Houseplant of the Month, the azalea, is the perfect choice. Did you know that there are two different types available as pot plants? The most popular one is the …

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November 29, 2016

The London Poinsettia Festival at Clifton Nurseries | Nov 25th – Dec 23rd 2016

With Christmas less than one month away, I'm delighted today to feature a guest post all about the traditional festive flower, the poinsettia. Looking to inspire people with creative ideas for decorating with poinsettia, Stars for Europe (the EU-funded poinsettia campaign) have teamed up with celebr…

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November 4, 2016

Houseplant of the Month – Speciality Orchids

If I mentioned orchids to you, the first picture you may conjure up in your mind might be one of a Phalaenopsis orchid? They are, without doubt, one of the most popular varieties available and adorn many a home. But have you heard of Brassia, Cattleya, Dendrobium nobile, Paphiopedilum or Zygopetalum…

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October 3, 2016

Houseplant of the Month – Chinese Evergreen

This month's Houseplant of the Month, is the Chinese Evergreen, also known as the Aglaonema. Its Latin name is derived from the Greek words ‘agláos’ (shining) and ‘néma’ (thread), referring to the flowers’ shiny stamens. A member of the Aroid family (Araceae), this easy-going plant i…

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