Social Media

Have you been using social media and are not getting the results you’d hope for? Well, I’d be delighted to spend time with you, take a look at your online presence and talk about your future strategy. We’d review what was working and what needed tweaking.

Building the brand Flowerona via social media, I learnt the hard way, via trial and error. I now know what works and what doesn’t. And would be delighted to share my experience with you, to help you build your online following. The next stage? Simply send me an email and we can then discuss your requirements in full. Your personalised training can either take place in your office or online via Skype.


When starting your first blog, there can be so many decisions to make, that it can be quite daunting! That’s where I come in.  Having blogged for over seven years, I can give you advice on how to get started and more importantly, how to continue building your brand with regular posts.

Some of you may have been blogging for some time and are disappointed by your stats or have fallen ‘out of love’ with your blog. If you’d like advice on how to revitalise your online presence, then I’d love to help.

The next stage? Simply send me an email and we can then discuss your requirements in full. Your personalised training can either take place in your office or online via Skype.

Some lovely words from clients…

“There would appear to be nothing that Rona doesn’t know about social media. I had my first social media lesson with Rona a couple of years ago. I then attended her Social Media for Florists Workshop last year and I’ve just had a follow up social media session with her to reinforce what I’ve learned and also to look ahead at how I can improve the social media aspect for our business – Informative, instructive, intuitive and patient are words that immediately spring to mind! She has taught me and my team that social media is something which can genuinely enhance a business and that it is nothing to be frightened of!” Simon Lycett, Floral Decorator, Simon J Lycett Ltd

“Having been inspired by Rona at one of her social media workshops, I was beginning to realise that there was so much more to learn. After a really busy and successful year, I felt I had so much to say, beyond my normal Instagram/Facebook posts. Blogging seemed to be the way forward but I didn’t have a clue where to start and to be honest, was terrified by the whole idea. Rona was my answer! I booked a two hour one-to-one session and with enormous patience and knowledge, Rona guided me through the whole procedure, tailoring it in a way that would work for me. She didn’t waste a single second but gently nudged me in the right direction. She was brilliant… and that night I published my first blog post. I would whole-heartedly recommend some time with Rona…she’s a social media genius!” Sarah Williams, The Flower Bird

“Before meeting with Rona for a one to one session, we thought we were pretty social media savvy at Lucy MacNicoll Floral Design. How wrong we were! Rona’s encyclopaedic insight regarding all things tech alongside her thorough and descriptive breakdown of every possible social media platform, meant we left feeling a lot more informed and totally inspired. Thanks to Rona, our brand handwriting is now consistent across all of our platforms and we now see social media as an integral part of enhancing the business rather than just another thing to add to the To-Do List. After a lot of persuasion, we’ve even managed to get to grips with Snapchat! Thank you Rona.” Lucy MacNicoll, Lucy MacNicoll Floral Design

“After attending the Social Media for Florists workshop last year, we wanted to take our social media on to the next level and we felt it was time to learn more after mastering the basics. Rona’s training involved so much more than ‘how to’ do social media. She helped Eden Blooms to get a consistent brand message across all our platforms, showed us how to prioritise and focus our goals and even gave us a great new idea for achieving our floral ambitions. Rona floats in like a spring breeze, bringing warmth and new life to our business. It’s always a pleasure to work with Rona and the results we see from the changes she suggests are immediate. We’re happy clients and happy florists!” Hazel Shaw, Eden Blooms

“We recently used Rona to help get our heads round how we could improve our presence on social media and understand were we should be focusing our efforts. Rona really is the ‘font of all knowledge’ on social media. She’s the ‘girl in the know’.  She has managed to de-mystify many aspects and the world of social media does not seem such a scary place now…we’re even starting to enjoy it and love the fact that its so measurable.  Thank you Rona for switching on our ‘Social Media’ light bulb.”  Ali & Cat, Mad Lilies

“I met up with Rona for a 121 Consultancy Session. I’d approached Rona as I needed some guidance with writing blog posts for my new business venture (as well as my existing business as I was well down on my target set last November of a blog post a month). Rona’s research into all the social media platforms for my two businesses was so impressive, without looking at a notebook once, she gave me honest feedback with regard to my management of all the sites I use and an appraisal on where I could improve certain areas to raise my profile and enhance my brand. I came away with so much more than I had anticipated and would definitely see Rona again on a regular basis for a 121 session. For people like me who respond to goals and objectives, it’s vital to have someone help keep me on task and motivated. Rona is an expert in her field and a font of knowledge on how to use Social Media effectively for florists. I have a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm but sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the decisions and things to do with running a business. Social Media is not my area of expertise, but I recognise that I need it to make a difference to my business and with Rona’s help and expert tuition, I know I’ll soon see the changes I’ve made benefit my new business.” Fiona Perry, Fiona Perry Flowers

From the start to the end of our Skype call on blogging, Rona came across as a lovely person to chat with. I found her very helpful, informative and knowledgeable for anyone starting out on what blogging is all about. I came away feeling very inspired and wanted to start writing right away!” Margaret Cook, Farmgate Floral Design