October 26, 2017

Large Urn Workshop with Firenza Flowers & Sarah Winward

I’ve admired the breath-taking work of Utah based Sarah Winward for several years. And I was very fortunate to meet Sarah in person earlier this year. She was holding a Large Urn Workshop in Yorkshire, in collaboration with Fiona Pickles from Firenza Floral Design. And it’ll definitely go down as one of those magical days, which I’ll remember for many years to come.

Pictured above are the lovely ladies themselves, Fiona (left) and Sarah (right). The sun shone very kindly upon us as we arrived at the workshop venue, Holme Flowers. And an incredible array of British flowers and foliage greeted us from Holme Flowers itself, The Flower Acre, Floweriding, Picked at Dawn and Fiona’s own garden.

Under a tree in the orchard, we all enjoyed a delicious lunch of locally sourced meats and cheeses, together with English wines and soft drinks

We then gathered around whilst Sarah and Fiona demonstrated how to create large urn designs. Sarah explained how she likes to choose complementary colours, as in colours which are next to each other on the colour wheel. And when choosing materials for a design, she used what’s she’s drawn to first.

Inside the urn, she placed chicken wire and then started placing in copper beech. She loves foliage with a fan shape and recommended using a mixture of both bushy and trailing types. She then added Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Diablo’ together with an assortment of beautiful flowers.

With regards to the flowers, she said that she doesn’t adhere strongly to rules but for cohesiveness of a design, she recommends choosing three colours and three blooms.

Once Sarah and Fiona had completed their arrangements, we were invited to go foraging at Holme Flowers for flowers and foliage for our own urn creations. And what a lovely surprise we found at the end of the lane, picnic rugs and thirst-quenching refreshments!

So, here’s Sarah’s incredible arrangement, followed by a close-up.

And here’s Fiona’s design.

And to follow are just some of the attendees’ creations…

I loved creating this design below. It is without doubt the largest floral design I’ve ever created! It was so lovely to be able to go BIG and very wild. And of course, I was drawn to purple, as per usual. And Sarah helped me locate some pretty anemones in the Holme Flowers field too. Just such a pity that I couldn’t take it home on the train…!

Thank you so much to Fiona and Sarah for inviting me to the workshop! They wanted the day to be relaxed yet inspirational…and they certainly achieved it.

If you’d like more details about the courses they both run, please visit the Firenza Floral Design and Sarah Winward websites.

(Images : Belle & Beau Fine Art Wedding Photography)

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