October 31, 2017

The Real Flower Company | Growing seasonal garden flowers & foliage

So many people ask me why roses don’t have scent anymore. Well, the truth is that some of them do! You just need to know which ones. A company who is hugely passionate about scented roses is The Real Flower Company. I had the pleasure of interviewing the founder and I’m delighted today to feature the results on Flowerona today.

Back in 1995, Rosebie Morton (pictured above) founded The Real Flower Company. Her vision was to grow and sell scented flowers that were just picked from the garden. She was very much ahead of her time and lots of people thought she was a little crazy. But now the trend for natural, gathered from the garden flowers and foliage is very much gathering momentum.

Rosebie grows over 150 different varieties of garden roses, wildflowers, herbs and foliage, both at her farm in Hampshire and Tambuzi Farm in Kenya. Plus in Chichester, they grow just over a million sweet pea stems a year. Cutting starts there in March and usually continues into June/July.

Margaret Merril, which has ivory/blush petals, is one of their most popular roses (pictured above). It’s an understated, quintessential English classic rose which is stunning when it opens and it has an amazing scent. Cafe Latte (pictured below), which they only grow in Kenya, is also very much in demand as are Peony Pink (St Cecilia), Chandos Beauty and Evelyn.

Scented roses from The Real Flower Company are roses with character, a natural, ethereal product. They sometimes needs a little TLC to look immaculate by simply removing a few of their outer guard petals. It’s part of their charm. But it’s so worth it when you have the opportunity of watching them unfurl and blossom. They live with you from bud to full-blown petals. Wild flowers they grow include campion (Silene), ox eye daisies and phacelia.


The Real Flower Company sell flowers and foliage wholesale to the trade. Since January 2015, they have also been the exclusive official distributor of David Austin roses across the UK, to both trade and consumers. Peak demand is during wedding season, plus events throughout the year. For full details of buying wholesale flowers, please visit The Real Flower Company website. (Juliet and Keira are pictured below).


For consumers, they have an extensive bouquet collection online containing scented seasonal flowers and foliage. Designs include the Autumn Flower Collection, English Flower Collection and Hat Box Arrangements. They feature British roses from usually the end of May/beginning of June until the first frost in October/November. Outside these months, roses grown in Kenya are included in the arrangements.

Flowers, including roses and sweet peas, from The Real Flower Company are on sale at several weekend London farmers markets during the summer months. For example, Pimlico, Marylebone, Queens Park and Notting Hill.

For those brides-to-be who have their heart set on doing their own wedding flowers, but would like someone to do the main bridal party flowers, The Real Flower Company offer a wedding range including bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets and buttonholes. Petals are also very popular as a sustainable form of confetti.

And for those couples who are looking for reception flowers, The Real Flower Company will put them in contact with one of their affiliated florists, such as Paula Rooney and Jay Archer.


Last July, The Real Flower Company opened a florist shop in Chelsea Green, just off Kings Road in London. The nearest tube stations are Sloane Square/South Kensington. As well as selling their scented flowers and foliage, they also sell a selection of glass vases, candles and chocolate.


The Real Flower Company runs courses and events at their Sheep Dip location, near Winchester/Petersfield. One of the most popular courses is the Flower & Plant Inspiration Day, plus Rose Pruning and Rose Cultivation Mornings.

Thank you so much to Rosebie for all her help in compling today’s blog post. If you missed it when it was on television, do take a look at this wonderful Countryfile feature.

(Images : The Real Flower Company)

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