November 1, 2017

Being brave…and putting yourself #inthefloralspotlight

So flowery people…I’ve been doing a LOT of thinking lately. And since getting my emails under control thanks to this wonderful book (I’m sorry that I keep on mentioning it on Instagram Stories, but it’s a real game-changer!), I’ve had tons more headspace and have been overloaded with inspiration. So much so that I’m literally bursting to share this idea that I’ve had today with you…

I’m starting a new hashtag on Instagram! It’s #inthefloralspotlight. And I’d love for you to join in! The idea is to feature a photo of yourself or a member of your team on Instagram, whether you’re a florist, florist-to-be, flower grower, flower school owner, flower wholesaler…basically anyone involved in the floristry industry.

Simply post an image on Instagram and add the hashtag #inthefloralspotlight.

I’m sure your followers will love to see you share personal photos and it makes total sense, marketing-wise. People buy from people. People like to buy from people they know, like and trust. They want to see the face behind the business. And one way of building a stronger connection with your audience is to share images of yourself.

So, I challenge you to trawl through your computer or hard drive and post a photo on Instagram of you and/or your team, as soon as you’ve finished reading this blog post. If you don’t have any photos, get someone to start snapping asap. And don’t just do it this once, keep on doing it. Show your smile once in a while, and you never know how it might help your business bloom.

Oh and if you’re considering setting up your own hashtag on social media, here are a couple of things to bear in mind:

  • Make sure your hashtag is unique. Check before sharing it with your audience.
  • Remember that it needs to be easy to remember.

UPDATE | 06.11.17 – Due to the incredible response, I’ve set up a new Instagram account, @inthefloralspotlight.

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about Instagram for florists, I’m launching an new online course in early 2018. Simply sign up to my newsletter to be one of the first to know when it’s released.

P.P.S. And yes, just in case you’re wondering, this is a photo of me! Every now and then, I like having my hair straightened. It’s just temporary, but I like a change…


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