February 13, 2018

Floral & Interior Trends 2018 from The Flower Council of Holland

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending The Flower Council of Holland‘s 2018 Trends Event, ‘The Blank Canvas Project’. And here’s the lowdown on the three predictions by international trend watcher, Aafje Nijman, with stunning floral designs created by Gillian O’Brien and her team at The Flower Laboratory.


The Trend | The economy is on the up, living standards are improving. At the same time we find ourselves in a digital bubble. We surround ourselves with people and opinions that are the same as ours. Everything is extra-powerful, and this certainly applies to design. Materials are super-luxurious, shapes are full and sumptuous, colours are intense and rich. This results in decadent interior and exterior spaces.

A huge abundance of luxurious, opulent blooms including cloni ranunculus, David Austin roses and phalaenopsis orchids beautifully encapsulate this trend, combined with intricate metallic elements and plush fabrics. Glass domes encasing flower scenes add further to this lavish decorative look.


The Trend | The shift in power is oppressing our sense of freedom. We feel that we have to live by a lot of rules and are unsure about who will be making those rules tomorrow. That makes us rebellious – we want to work it out for ourselves. This combined with the hardening of society means that our living space is given a rugged and raw appearance. The colour black plays a dominant role, the materials are hard and sometimes have an almost aggressive appearance, like one big protest.

Deep red, dark burgundy and black are the predominant colours with roses contrasting with structural and spikey flowers such as anthuriums, calla lilies, heliconias and eryngiums. Plants wise, begonias take centre stage. There’s a bold edginess, almost hostile nature to the look.


The Trend: We have a more diverse society than ever and reality is sometimes confusingly complex. In order to be able to exploit all the new possibilities, we try and combine old and new elements together. It’s necessary to create a new entity, and it gives a sense of flexibility to see something  made up of existing, sometimes contradictory elements. This also means that a living space starts to look like a three-dimensional collage, with  products, shapes, colours and materials combined with high contrast to form a cheerful new whole.

The unusual combination of pastel gerberas, hyacinths and freesias contrasts with fluffy solidago and statice. Flowers and plants are stacked at different heights, some hanging on the walls with others spilling out of drawers and cabinets.

It was such an intriguing and inspiring event! Hearing how trends were identified was a real eye-opener. I’d never fully appreciated before how what happens in the world around us affects the flowers we’re drawn to.

And it goes without saying that I was instantly smitten by the opulent and very decorative Romance 3.0 trend! I look forward to seeing further evidence of it over the coming year.

If you’d like to read more about these trends, simply click here for links to downloadable fact sheets.

(Images : Rona Wheeldon | Flowerona)

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  • Call me old fashioned, but not sure if you wrote these comments about the trends or they are someone elses coments about trends. Your content is always so positive, beautiful and uplifting. I found these personally disturbing if they represent an industry that I love so much. I love being a flower farmer and florist because it CAN stay outside of politics, normal interaction between people are almost always happy experiences. It appears that oppressions, fight against government, only clustering around like mind people they feel is changing flower colors and arrangements??? I really hope not. Yes we follow trends for colors, textures, types of flowers. I am sorry, I felt this representation of what trends they predict is something I am not happy to consider and found 90% of their examples cold and chaotic. Only the Romance trends were of interest to me.

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