Facebook Group

In April 2014, I set up the Flowerona for Florists Facebook Group. It’s a place for florists and florists-to-be to meet, share ideas & seek advice. With over 2,000 members from all over the world, it’s become such a friendly and inspiring place.

Members’ posts range from recommendations for certain colours of roses and mechanics for floral designs to images of recent work and advice on sundries.

If you’re a florist or florist-to-be and would like to join the Flowerona for Florists Facebook Group, simply click here when you’re signed into your personal Facebook account and then click on Join Group.

My aim is for this group to be only for florists and people who are studying floristry. So, I check each individual application before approving membership. It really helps if in the About section of your Facebook account, it says that you’re a florist or that you work in a floristry business. If you’re a florist-to-be and are currently studying, please feel free to send me a private message, if it’s not obvious from your Facebook account.

Here are some comments from members:

‘Thank you so much for setting it up. It’s been a wonderful to hear what everyone is up to and the help and kindness of others sharing their knowledge is just lovely.’

‘It’s been such a pleasure to discover how friendly and supportive this group is to each other. We’re so lucky to do the wonderful job we do, working with flowers every day is an immense privilege. A lot of us do this on our own and so it’s great to have a network of like-minded people to help, support & reassure each other. Job well done Rona, thank you.’

‘Working on my own I find this a fantastic place to ask for help and advice and for seeing other people’s achievements which in turn keeps the motivation up.’